Inside the Film

In addition to a new perspective on DC Punk history and rare, unseen footage of bands such as the Bad Brains, Slickee Boys, and Minor Threat, we have conducted approximately 100 interviews with members of the DC punk community. These include musicians, fanzine creators, photographers, unstoppable concert goers, and several notable out of town folks who had strong ties with the early DC Punk / harDCore scene such as Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Tim Kerr (Big Boys), and Joe Keithley of DOA.

Below are some still images from Punk the Capital and our DVD bonus or online videos.

C. Connolly, video stills of Ronald Reagan and his helicopter

Ian Mackaye (bands - Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi - Dischord Records)

Super-8 freeze frame, HR of Bad Brains in Madams Organ, 1979

Henry Rollins

Kim Kane of the Slickee Boys in his Interceptor

Don Zientara, Inner Ear Studios


Skip Groff, owner Yesterday and Today Records, with Limp Records compilation

Flex Your Head LP, Eddie Janney and Ian Svenonius

Monica Richards (bands - Hate From Ignorance, Madhouse... ) and circa 1982 with friends

Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys, 2005, 1981

Joe Keithley, aka Joey Shithead, played circa 1979 in DC in the legendary Madams Organ

Onam (aka Joe Jacoby, bands - Red C, Beefeater), Red C flyer

Robert Goldstein and R. Frantz of Urban Verbs, Hall Of Nations (Washington DC, 1979)

Martha Hull of the Slickee Boys in her record store Vinyl Acres

Chris Stover of Void with co-director James Schneider

M. Fellows (Rites of Spring) and co. during Rites of Spring's legendary WMUC session

Alec MacKaye interviewed with Bad Brains' HR and Ian Mackaye at Civilian Art Projects, 2011

Half Japanese, freeze frame, Halloween concert, 9:30 club, circa 1980

Sharon Cheslow ("If This Goes On" fanzine, Chalk Circle)

Patricia Ragan
From the Look and Afrika Korps, Patricia, who went on to work with Punk Magazine, was a central figure in the scene's beginnings in 1976.

Slickee Boys’ Marshall Keith and Dan Palenski on Dan's "Salad Days" radio broadcast

Gary Gabriel (of the legendary Enzymes)

Rupert Chappelle (Ozone Music, Jobs for America)

Xyra Harper ("Capital Crisis" fanzine, WGTB dj), Mary Regalado (Neonates), Katie Alice Greer (Priests)

Teen Idles flyer (detail)

Ed Jacobs (DC's punk concert-going record holder) Super-8 freeze frame circa 1980 and his Bad Brains inspired tattoos

Super-8 still, from footage of the last night at Madams Organ


Xyra Harper (WGTB radio dj, Editor of Capitol Crisis zine), interviewing, circa 1979

From footage of WMUC broadcast, 2013, with Barbara RIce, Steve Kiviat and callers Sharon Cheslow, Shirley Sexton, Mike Heath, thanks WMUC

Randy Austin (of Overkill, often credited as DC's first punk band) circa 1976 and in 2012


Minor Threat / Slickee Boys show flyer (detail)

Bob Boilen of NPR radio, formerly of Tiny Desk Unit (with microfilm)

John Stabb, Government Issue, 2011, part of the GI section of the "Flex Your Head" record insert.