I Am Eye

I AM EYE independent film forum was founded in 1982 by Paul Bishow, Pam Kray and Pierre DeVeaux. The forum ran for nine years, twice a month, at d.c. space, restaurant bar and performance venue in downtown Washington, DC.

After d.c. space closed at the end of 1991, Paul Bishow and some of the I AM EYE ‘members’ kept the program afloat on an irregular basis at various venues around town (Black Cat, Cheif Ike’s...). The founding I AM EYE principle was that no one who brought a movie to screen would be turned away. About half the programs were all walk-in, open-screening fare. Other nights offered scheduled local, New York (Nick Zedd, Richard Kern et al.), or international independent and usually under-the-radar films and filmmakers.

Below are some of the flyers made for the events. Click an image to see it in fullscreen.