Inside the Film

Expect to see/hear the bands or members from : Artificial Peace, Bad Brains, Beefeater, Black Market Baby, Cancer Girls, Chalk Circle, Chumps, Common Cause, Deadline, Embrace, Faith, Fire Party, Government Issue, Grand Mal, Gray Matter, Half Japanese, Iron Cross, Insect Surfers, The Meatmen, Minor Threat, No Trend, Nik Low and the Contradictions, The Nurses, Nuclear Crayons, Madhouse, Peer Pressure, Razz, Rites of Spring, Red C, Rupert Chapelle, Scream, Slickee Boys, State Of Alert, Teen Idles, Trenchmouth, Tru-Fax and the Insaniacs, Untouchables, Urban Verbs, Velvet Monkees, Void, Youth Brigade, etc.

We have also interviewed with numerous non-musicians from the DC punk community (authors, photographers, concert goers...) as well as out of town folks who had strong ties and/or vital perspectives regarding the DC scene.

Below is a rotating selection of sound clips
with stills from the work in progress.

sound: Eddie Janney (Rites of Spring, Faith, Untouchables...), radio broadcast with Ian Svenonius

image: Flex Your Head LP, Eddie Janney and Ian Svenonius

sound: Alec MacKaye, Ian Mackaye, interviewed with Bad Brains' HR at Civilian Art Projects

image: Same

sound: Mark Jickling of Half Japanese, interviewed alongside Jad and David Fair, and Rick Dreyfuss

image: Half Japanese, freeze frame, Halloween concert, 9:30 club, circa 1980

sound: Sharon Cheslow (Chalk Circle, co-author of Banned in DC)

image: Chalk Circle

sound: Primitive 20th century film viewer

image: The Washington Post

sound: Slickee Boys’ Marshall Keith and Dan Palenski on Dan's "Salad Days" radio broadcast

image: Same

sound: Franz Stahl of Scream

image: Super 8 stills from Madams Organ, Wilson Center, and an errant place holder

sound: HR of the Bad Brains, at the Hard Art exhibit

image: Super-8 freeze frame, HR in Madams Organ, 1979

sound: Ian MacKaye (Dischord Records, Minor Threat, Fugazi…) on Madams Organ

image: Super-8 still, from footage of the last night at Madams Organ