About the Directors

James June Schneider was born in Washington DC and was raised in the city’s mid-eighties punk and skate scenes. Since 1992, he has been making films and video performing (under the name Matterlink since 2001). His award-winning work has been screened at film festivals, museums, and spaces of all kinds around the world. Schneider's filmography includes Blue is Beautiful with Dischord recording artists The Make-Up (1997) and the science-fiction feature The End of the Light Age (2007) starring Lou Castel. More recently, he directed The Band that Met the Sound Beneath (2012) with the Chilean punk band Panico and Young Oceans of Cinema, a portrait of France's "ultimate outsider" filmmaker, Jean Epstein, which premiered at the 2012 edition of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.


Paul Bishow moved to Washington DC in the mid-70s. He has since made dozens of films, both feature length and short subject, mostly in Super-8 format. They range from the film essay Anarchy and Chaos Prelude, DC to Bad Brains (1979) to the feature fiction film It’s a Wonderful Horrible Life (2001). Many DC punk bands have appeared in his films as well as their members, separately, who at times play roles in the more ‘fictional’ of his works. Footage from his films has appeared in many a documentary including Don Lett’s Punk Attitude and Mandy Stein’s Bad Brains, Band in DC (2012). Paul was also a founding member of the I am Eye Film Forum which graced DC with an underground film series from 1982-1997.


James Schneider and Paul Bishow

Paul Bishow (L) and James Schneider (R) at Dischord Records co-founder / Minor Threat drummer Jeff Nelson's house when the cameras were first pulled out, circa 2003 (photo: Jeff Nelson)